Main Topics

A.    Structure, Geopolymer and Other Construction Materials:

  • Geopolymer technologies
  • Environmentally friendly construction materials
  • Sustainable structure
  • Construction design and modelling
  • Green construction
  • Low energy building and design
  • Risk-safety construction management

B.    Water Resources and Environmental Management:

  • Urban drainage
  • River, estuary and natural waterways
  • Subsurface and Groundwater Flow
  • Water engineering and modelling
  • Raw water facilities
  • Irrigation
  • Urban drinking water supply and distribution
  • Flood mitigation
  • Hydropower
  • Land and water conservation
  • Urban environment managament and policy
  • Environmental management and modelling

C.    Transportation and Urban Infrastructure:

  • Highway and trafic engineering
  • Road structure and pavement
  • Mass transportation system
  • Transportation design and modelling
  • Seaport engineering
  • Coastal and offshore protection and engineering
  • Airport design and construction
  • Infrastructure asset management

D.    Geotechnical Engineering:

  • Lanslide prevention
  • Natural disaster mitigation and management
  • Foundation engineering
  • Land management
  • Post earthquake Infrastructure rehabilitation
  • Soil investigation


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