Background & Objectives


During the recent decades, environmental quality has become a main issue in most aspects of live including in construction industries. Significant progress has been made to protect the quality of environment through implementation of methods and the use of construction materials which pro the quality of environment. Construction industries, however, also significantly contribute to the environmental degradation. Carbon dioxide emission from the manufacture process of portland cement is one of main contributors to the global warming. Therefore, it is important to apply a comprehensive and sustainable approach to reduce the impact of construction industries on environmental quality. Application of methods and use of materials for civil engineering infrastructure which are environmentally friendly would be the wise solution to minimise the environmental impacts due to construction activities.


  1. To provide a forum for exchange of ideas, achievements and experiences and information addressing to environmental issues among academics, researchers, engineers, manufacturers and post graduate scholars in civil engineering field.
  2. To discuss and evaluate the latest methods, approaches and innovative technologies to improve environmental quality which are related to civil engineering field.
  3. To increase interaction between civil engineering practice, research and education to prevent environmental degradation.

Keynote Speakers:

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